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Changing account, wimps.

2012-11-14 08:29:44 by alessiolol9000

Hey, John Leagsdurg here, and this is the last news post i made, i'm moving account soon thats because i am tired of staying to this newgrounds account, i may change to SkipperGames.

I'm not on here too much

2012-08-26 08:38:43 by alessiolol9000

*sigh* guys, it's been months that i don't stay on here anymore. That means i have to leave Newgrounds forever, this is boring as hell.

Soon i am updating Nyan Cat Wars by adding medals. So wait for it!!


2012-05-03 15:51:33 by alessiolol9000

Well i have awesome news.

I will make: Alien Clicker!

Aswell, it will be compatible with Chrome Web Store, iOS (i need to get stencyl pro first.) and Newgrounds.

In this game you must click aliens, there are 12 levels, more you go, more will be hard.

It's been for years that i haven't made a movie, so...i have news for you...i am making a movie about killing kirby like the movie kill yoshi i have watched. There are 20 ways, but i need a trap name for these 20 things. So...anyway, say in the comments.

WARNING: They must be approved, if i see a comment that is not part of a trap name, i will deny it.

Mambo's World!!!

2012-04-22 09:09:32 by alessiolol9000

I have super-good news, StencylWorks 2.0 is out, and it includes preinstalled behaviors for use!! And this time, Nyan Cat Wars 2 is cancelled for no reason. This year, i am making Mambo's World, a game with 90, the only thing that theresn't here is the boss battle. There are some platforms that it will be available:
Chrome Web Store: In Chrome Web Store Edition, no badges are available, just the game without medals.
Newgrounds: In Newgrounds Edition, the medals are available. The medals are just to complete levels, finding secrets and beating the game. This game has secrets.

I hope you enjoy this news, and good luck!


2012-04-22 08:36:21 by alessiolol9000


SpamOfCan must die.......

Well, there's no results- OH WAIT THERE'S IT!!!

Windows 95 Beta 2
Windows 2000 Ultimate
Windows 97
Windows Server 2001 Beta 2
Windows 20
Windows 4000
Windows XB
Windows 93
Windows 98 Fourth Edition
Windows XP Service Pack 4
Windows Technical Difficulties
Windows LOL
Windows XP2

I take these names from the Windows Never Released series :3

If i finish all of these parodies i have a huge suprise for you guys...

I am doing a windows parody, this time, IN FLASH!!

It will be called Windows Fucksta. :3

The others when i finish this are hidden. So anyway, coming soon it will be coming this new windows parody.


2012-04-13 05:13:15 by alessiolol9000

Read this, sorry that 3 years ago i was being a massive troll, i was doing really terrible reviews on the games of this awesome flash portal. Mbot was banning me when i made the epic failure review on some game that i don't know. Then i to bad blog posts with lolcats and other images, and stupid blog posts. A month later i got unbanned, then i will do good reviews about the games. And looks like i am learning to do an animation, 4 years ago, i was doing really terrible animations and the staff deleted my animations, but for now, 1 year ago i make games with StencylWorks, and looks like this year, StencylWorks 2.0 is in beta, but i can't try the beta for now. If the beta is over, it's out!! AND I WILL TRY IT ALONG!!! FUCK YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Also, if you want to reveal my really super real name, it's Super Guy, THE REAL CREATOR OF SUPAGUYGAMES!!!!

Also, i don't have stencylworks pro to publish iOS games to the app store, i need to get GameSalad when i have a Mac on the birthday. I think my first animation will be Megaman UD (Unova Destation), the megaman fanseries where robot masters invades Unova (the region from pokemon black and white), alright, that's all, see you soon, and also, LONG POST BLOG EVAH!!!!!!!